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Our community reminds you of your potential by always putting your personal brand in the forefront.

Before you proceed! We don’t claim to be some fancy Silicon Valley social media that handles hundreds of millions of users, because we simply don’t force anyone to anything.

They are traditional ­– We Are the future. They see themselves as developed - We Are developing.

The MazeRate app allows you to highlight and positively rate people you've communicated with from a different perspective, highlighting the qualities of your contacts that are not obvious and that are not based on education or experience. Features like loyalty, dedication, dignity and work ethics. These preferences are then accumulated into a personal rating, giving further insight into the professional nature of you and your contacts. MazeRate also works as a personal advertising app, so you can create a profile video about yourself or your business, as well as the ability to share relevant business content in a News Feed. Imagine that you can use your personal brand as a resume in the future. That's what we want to achieve, that's also why we own trademarks that describes the value of using MazeRate and how we accomplish it. In three words each, they say everything.

  "Build your brand, Outside the box"

You can say I think. You can say I hope. You can say I suppose and you can also say I would like to, which none of it is a hundred percent. But when you say iAM nobody can question you. That's why the MazeRate community is built on our users iAM. You are able to create meaningful values for yourselves, therefore make an impact and difference in the lives of others.
Start emphasizing other people today and it will be given to your iAM right away. Note this, everything you emphasize is being counted and everything that’s counted truly counts, to everyone. This strong embryo is built with a body of credibility in order to register your positive qualities and personal brand - forever.

When you can be the one you want to be and other people can see it. That is true, success.

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